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Drug  and  Alcohol  Recovery  Program  For  Men  AND  Women

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Memorial Day Fun at Oak Mountain State Park
​We had a fantastic day of swimming, fun, and grilling out at Oak Mountain State Park for Memorial Day 2014.  This was a much needed time of relaxation and refreshment!
HomeSUCCESS STORIESAbout UsOur ServicesFun & PhotosContact UsEvents & Happenings
Helpful Resources

Holiday Fun at EAM
Holidays can be a lonely and emotionally stressful time for addicts, especially if there has been family conflict or estrangement.  We encourage our residents to celebrate the holidays with our EAM family with food, fellowship, and fun!
Guest Author, Blossom - "From Under A Bridge"
We were blessed to have Blossom, author of From Under A Bridge, visit with us and speak to our men.  This book is about a young lady with a lot of hurt inside.  At a tender age, she found out about abuse, disappointment, and eventually motherhood.  A people-pleaser, she always tried to make everyone happy, but deep down inside she was hurting, didn't know who to talk to or tell at the time.  She was seeking love, trust, and stability from man to man until one day she met this one man and the drugs. That's when she went around the world but had no plane ticket.  It was just the beginning.  Sharing her experiences with drug addiction and her victorious road to recovery made an invaluable impact on the lives of our men here seeking their own recovery success.
Our Newest Addition at EAM
We are pleased to announce our most recent expansion, the grand opening of our third property in late 2013.  As the largest of our properties, this is our main campus and functions as a housing and recreation center for our residents, as well as our administrative offices.  This is our entry-level property for new residents.
Our Graduate Level Property at EAM
This is our graduate level property.  As residents stabilize in their recovery process and progress through the program, they are able to move to a more independent setting in preparation for graduating the program and returning home to a stable, sober lifestyle.  
Community Revival at First Baptist Church of Acipco
​We had a wonderful time of fellowship during Community Revival at the First Baptist Church of Apipco.  Our residents received support and encouragement and a fresh Word of faith to overcome their challenges!