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Drug  and  Alcohol  Recovery  Program  For  Men  AND  Women

16 Oporto-Madrid Blvd N, Birmingham, AL  35206  ~  (205) 502-7274 Office  ~  (800) 836-5125 Toll-Free
About Us
Expect A Miracle first opened its doors on July 7, 2010, founded by Executive Director, Dwight Hutchinson, who felt the call of God on his life to help those seeking recovery from various addictions. We work ardently to supply food, shelter, clothing, counseling and many other services needed in the recovery process. Since the opening of our program, we have been honored to assist many addicts in achieving and maintaining sobriety, rebuilding relationships with their family and loved ones, becoming responsible, productive citizens once again, and above all, developing a personal relationship with God.  

We are both honored and humbled by the many referrals and recommendations we have received from hospitals, religious organizations, fellow treatment facilities, judical systems and family members throughout the state of Alabama. Many have expressed gratitude for our work with these clients and their overall accomplishments in recovering from addiction.

In late 2013, we expanded to open our third and largest residential property here in the Birmingham area. The need continues to be great, and we look forward to more growth and the opportunity to serve more men on their path to recovery.  We endeavor to help those who sincerely want help and are willing to help themselves. Our goal is to be used in service to those who are struggling with addiction to help them to regain stable, productive lives. We are truly excited about all of the great things that lie ahead for our team and residents here at Expect A Miracle.  

As a non-profit organization, we appreciate assistance and support from the community and we extend a sincere thank you to all of you who have helped and continue to help with this cause.​​
Dwight Hutchinson
Executive Director
Board of Directors
DeWayne Hutchinson
Hope Hymer
Vice President
Keith Caffee

Cindy O'Shields
Our Board of Directors is an outstanding group of individuals who have a sincere heart of service to our mission. They invest their time and talents to ensure this program​ is operating in the highest integrity and in the best interest of our clients and their recovery.  Each of these ladies and gentleman bring their own areas of expertise to our program and work together as a team to provide the leadership needed to carry out our vision here at Expect A Miracle.
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