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Drug  and  Alcohol  Recovery  Program  For  Men  AND  Women

16 Oporto-Madrid Blvd N, Birmingham, AL  35206  ~  (205) 502-7274 Office  ~  (800) 836-5125 Toll-Free
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Our Mission
Expect A Miracle is an inpatient substance abuse recovery program designed to help serve the needs of men struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. We are a residential program providing a clean and sober living environment with the structure and support necessary to achieve and maintain recovery for those who have been previously been unable to do so at home or in an outpatient setting.  We offer both short and long-term placement options depending on individual needs.  We accept referrals from the judicial system on local, state, and federal levels, as well as referrals from many mental health providers and facilities here in Birmingham.

How You Can Help

We believe prayer changes things.  More accurately, prayer changes people and people change things.  Your prayers for our staff, our residents and our program are invaluable to the recovery of each individual and their families.

Donations In-Kind

Many of our residents have little or no family support or resources available at the time of entry into our program.  We strive to help them get back on their feet and reintegrate as productive members of society, but in the meantime they have very real needs.  We currently maintain 3 housing properties for our residents, and we welcome donations of food, clothing, shoes, beds or mattresses, dressers, sheets, blankets, pillowcases, pillows, towels, kitchen furnishings, hygiene, vehicles, prepaid fuel cards, and more.  All donations are tax-deductible and we are happy to provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.  Call our Program Director, John Darter, at (800) 836-5125 to arrange for pickup.

Time or Services

Services needed include medical, dental, legal, building maintenance or repair, and transportation.  If you are able to donate your time or services in any of these areas, please call our Program Director, John Darter, at (800) 836-5125.


As a non-profit organization, we operate off modest client-based fees and donations from people like you.  Your donation could provide necessities for a resident in need or sponsor someone who cannot afford to pay.  We strive never to turn away anyone in need of help because of financial reasons.  


We are always looking for employment opportunities for our residents and many of them have specific job skills and talents, so please feel free to contact our Program Director, John Darter, at (800) 836-5125 if you have labor needs, even on a temporary basis.

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Helpful Resources

Our Motivation
​Alcoholism and drug addiction destroy families as well as the individual. Living with an addict can be both heartbreaking and exhausting. Family members are torn between how to help the addict and how to avoid being sucked into the addict’s world, which many times eventually leads to estrangement as families reach their tolerance levels and seek to distance the hurt and frustration.  

With recovery guidance and counseling, many find their way back into healthy relationships with their families, back into the work force, and back into stable, productive lives.  
Our Miracle
A miracle can be defined as "a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences."  Without professional guidance and help, it is highly improbable that an alcoholic or addict will achieve and maintain sobriety on his own.  Addiction is a road of destruction that ends in death, institutions, or jails, and these are consequences that affect not only the addict, but their families as well.  Expect A Miracle is the helping hand many addicts and their families need to help restore all that has been lost to alcoholism and drug addiction.  We strive to provide assistance with every aspect of the recovery process, enabling radical and lasting change in many precious lives, and that is the miracle.
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